2.1 Mediation

Neutral, third party mediation is available for student-to-student conflicts in most cases where the primary policy violation involves conflicts between the two parties (i.e., roommate conflicts). Mediation requires the approval of the University Discipline Officer, or his/her designee. Mediators are identified by Campus Life – Dean’s Office. Mediation is offered as an alternative to the formal discipline process. Both parties must agree to negotiate in good faith in order for mediation to be a viable option. The complaining party has the right to end the mediation process at any time and begin the formal state of the complaint process. Agreements reached through mediation shall be final. Failure to reach a mutually acceptable resolution or failure to participate in the mediation process in good faith may result in the case being returned to the Hearing Officer for formal adjudication through the disciplinary process. In cases involving an allegation of sexual assault, mediation will not be allowed under any circumstances.