3.2.10 Drugs

Use, production, distribution, sale or possession of drugs in a manner prohibited under Texas Law. Possession of drug paraphernalia is considered the same as possession of drugs. Being where drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are present may also be considered the same as possession of drugs.

  1. failing a non-incident motivated drug screen one time will result in mandatory drug education counseling and/ or required drug treatment;
  2. drug use or possession or a second failed drug screen may result in at least a one-year disciplinary probation sanction, 60 hours of community service, drug education counseling and assessment or drug treatment, and random drug testing during the term of the probation. Additionally, residence hall eviction will be considered, especially if the incident occurred in a University facility or during a University sponsored event;
  3. additional violations of the drug policy may result in suspension for at least one academic year. Readmission to the University will occur only after the suspended student provides proof of drug counseling and/or treatment from a licensed counselor or certified treatment program;
  4. using drugs and/or alcohol to intentionally incapacitate another person will result in at least a one-year suspension;
  5. sale or distribution of drugs will result in immediate expulsion from the University
  6. use or possession of illegal substances (as determined by U.S. law) while participating in a Study Abroad program.

Any substance that tests positive for THC, regardless of how that substance was sold, will be considered marijuana for the purposes of this policy.

Parents may be notified of any illegal drug policy violation. Fort Worth police may also be contacted for drug violations.

Additionally, amount and type(s) of substance(s) found will be taken in to consideration during sanctioning.