3.2.11 Alcohol

Use, production, distribution, sale or possession of alcohol in a manner prohibited under Texas law or which includes any of the following conduct:

  1. use or possession of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age or providing alcohol to someone who is under 21 years of age;
  2. use or possession of alcohol anywhere other than in a residence hall room or other specifically designated area for use;
  3. being in a room where alcohol is present while underage unless it is your room and your roommate is 21 years of age may be a violation of the Alcohol policy and/or a violation of community standards (see Community Standards 3.3.3 (h));
  4. behavior that evidences intoxication (for any student) and/or underage consumption, including but not limited to staggered walking, slurred speech, or alcohol on breath;
  5. possession of kegs or similar bulk quantity containers. Individuals who bring a keg or similar prohibited container to the campus are subject to a $500 fine, removal from all University residence halls, and appropriate disciplinary action. Any organization that allows a keg or similar prohibited container, serves alcohol, or allows alcohol to be served at a University facility is subject to a $1000 fine;
  6. possession of containers designed for alcoholic beverages while underage, regardless of intent of use;
  7. lack of sobriety while participating in a Study Abroad program.

The first alcohol violation will result in the student completing the eCheckup to Go online sanction program, discussing their results with professional staff and a $75 fine.

The second alcohol violation will result in a $100 fine, a letter home to student’s parents or guardians, completion of a 2 hour educational workshop designed for repeat offenders, 10 hours of community service, and completion of 2-3 BASICS sessions with Alcohol and Drug Education staff.

The third alcohol violation will result in a $150 fine, a letter home to students’ parents or guardians, referral to a licensed mental health provider, one year of disciplinary probation, possible expulsion from University housing, 20 hours of community service and compliance with any recommendations made by Alcohol and Drug Education.