3.2.8 Unauthorized or abusive use of computer equipment, programs, or data

Use of computer equipment, programs, or data in a manner that violates the intended use of the equipment, the confidentiality of the information, or the integrity of the computer system’s security including, but not limited to:

  1. unauthorized reproduction of software or use of illegally obtained software (individuals who violate U.S. copyright law and software licensing agreements may be subject to criminal or civil action by the owner of the copyright);
  2. unauthorized use of computing resources or use of computing resources for unauthorized purposes;
  3. transporting copies of University programs, records or data to another person or computer site without written authorization
  4. providing unauthorized security passwords to another person or using another’s password or attempting to breach the security of another user’s account or deprive another user of access to their University’s computing resources;
  5. using the University’s computing resources for personal or financial gain;
  6. attempting to destroy or modify programs, records or data belonging to the University or another user.