3.3.2 Community safety

Behaviors that endanger the well-being of any or all residents are strictly prohibited. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. use of fireworks, bottle rockets or other explosive or propelling devices;
  2. possession of all weapons, guns, other propelling de­vices and ammunition;
  3. misuse of, or tampering with firefighting equipment, including the inappropriate sounding of fire or smoke alarms, is prohibited;
  4. failure to evacuate a building during an alarm;
  5. throwing or discharging any item, including water, from windows;
  6. using a candle, oil lamp or any other device that has an open flame or incense in a student room;
  7. the use of any electric room decoration not approved by hall staff;
  8. using an unapproved electrical appliance (Refer to Housing and Residence Life website for approved items);
  9. possession of a refrigerator greater than 4.3 cubic feet, a refrigerator that uses more than 3 amps of electricity, or possession of more than one refrigerator in a room;
  10. placing wires or antennas outside of the resident room;
  11. use of an electronic type cigarette;
  12. hookah pipes, and other drug paraphernalia are prohibited on campus.