3.3.3 Community standards

Students are expected to adhere to a standard of behavior that allows others to live comfortably in the environment. Specifically the following behaviors, among others, are prohibited:

  1. causing excessive noise, especially during the “Quiet hours” period which is in effect from 10 p.m. to 10 am;
  2. violating posted University housing visitation policy;
  3. failure of the host to escort any guests;
  4. failure to register any social events or organization meeting in University housing with the Residence Hall Director;
  5. keeping or bringing pets or other animals (except fish or assistive animals) inside University housing;
  6. smoking in any University housing;
  7. door to door solicitation for any purposes;
  8. being in the presence of alcohol in a room/apartment, if a student is under 21 years of age, except as noted in Section 3.2.11(c).