3.3.4 Facility damage

Acts that harm or otherwise negatively affect the appear­ance of residence hall building exteriors, interiors, or furnishings, by failing to exercise reasonable care or in specific acts of vandalism, are prohibited. The following behaviors, among others, are prohibited:

  1. causing damage to residence hall rooms or common areas is prohibited. The cost of repair will be charged to the responsible party(ies). If the individual(s) respon­sible cannot be identified, the charges may be prorated among all community members;
  2. moving public area furniture to student rooms;
  3. damaging, altering, or disassembling University fur­nishings;
  4. improperly disposing of trash or discarding trash in the hallways;
  5. posting unapproved signs and notices. All signs must be approved by the Hall Director or the Housing & Residence Life Office and then posted only in approved areas;
  6. participating sporting activities (i.e. golf, basketball, skate boarding, roller blading, etc.) in hall corridors, lounges, or student rooms;
  7. painting student rooms without proper authorization or failing to-follow the paint policy agreements. Students will be charged the actual cost of restoring the room to proper condition;
  8. placing carpet greater than 10 square feet on exist­ing carpet without written approval from the Office of Housing & Residence Life;
  9. failing to remove carpet from a room upon check-out;
  10. mounting televisions or other items to doors or walls.