In the event a student against whom a complaint of misconduct in violation of the Code of Student Conduct withdraws, transfers or graduates from the University while an investigation is pending or before a hearing has been conducted, a notice may be sent to the accused student stating that a complaint of misconduct in violation of the Code of Student Conduct has been made against him or her, that an investigation has been or will be conducted, and that a formal disciplinary hearing may be held. If it is determined that a hearing will be held, the accused student will be informed of the time and place of the hearing. The accused student may respond in one of three ways: (1) return to campus for a hearing, (2) waive the right to give testimony personally, thereby acknowledging that the hearing may proceed in his or her absence, or (3) waive the right to appear and send in a written, signed statement to be presented on his or her behalf at the hearing. Failure of the accused to respond will be considered a waiver of the right to appear. While an investigation is pending or prior to the time of a hearing, a notation may be placed on the transcript of the accused stating that a disciplinary investigation and/
or hearing is pending. The disciplinary proceeding must be resolved before the accused student may re-enroll. If the discipline imposed on the student would have been suspension or expulsion but for the fact that the student left the University, it may be a part of the student’s permanent academic record.