If You Have Been Accused of a Violation

Disciplinary procedures at TCU are designed to provide a just and equitable process of educational discipline. While every effort is made to protect the rights of students, the University does not attempt to duplicate or emulate the legal process and proceedings should not be viewed as such.

FAIR PLAY RIGHTS – Student involved has the right:

  • To be informed in writing of the charges and the possible punishment.
  • To have at least three school days in which to prepare a defense to refute the charges.
  • To a hearing which should elicit information from both sides. If possible, the accused shall be able to face his/her accuser(s) and have the right to be advised by legal or other counsel.
  • To be furnished a list of names of accusers and witnesses and a statement of facts they testified to, if the accused does not face his/her accusers. However, because of the close proximity in which students live and interact on campus, it is sometimes necessary to protect the anonymity of a witness or accuser. In such cases the Dean of Campus Life, or his/her designee, may verify the identity of a witness and accept a written statement from him/her without revealing the name of the witness or accuser to the accused.
  • To present oral and/or written testimony.
  • To remain silent about any incident in which s/he is a suspect. No form of harassment shall be used by a university representative to coerce admissions of guilt.
  • To be advised in writing of the results of the hearing.
  • To receive a transcript or tape recording of the proceedings, at the individuals own expense, provided this is requested 24 hours before the hearing.


Right to Appeal

Any student has a right to appeal the decision and/or the sanctions assigned to them. Additional information on the appeal process can be found in the Student Handbook.

Right to An Advocate/Advisor

Any student has the right to an advocate. This can be a person of your choice or can be provided through the Campus Life – Dean’s Office. For further information please contact the Campus Life – Dean’s Office.