Academic Conduct Policy

In order to encourage and preserve the honor, traditions and integrity of the academic community, Texas Christian University expects that students will adopt and maintain the highest standards of personal and scholarly conduct.

Faculty members are encouraged to remind stu­dents in their classes of this written statement of policies and procedures developed by the University in regard to cheating, plagiarism, collusion and other acts of academic misconduct.

All instructors or proctors shall have the right to examine materials in the student’s possession during any academic exercise.
In instances of academic misconduct during an academic exercise, the instructor shall have the right to sus­pend immediately the student(s) who is (are) engaging in such acts of misconduct from further work on the academic exercise. Refer to section 3.4 in The Code of Student Con­duct for specific rule information. A copy of the Academic Conduct Policy, which includes procedures used when a case of suspected academic misconduct is brought to a faculty member’s attention, may be obtained in the offices of the Academic Deans, Campus Life – Dean’s Office, Pro­vost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. The policy is also available in the Bachelor’s Degree section of the Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (­graduate/).