Alcohol Use Policies

TCU has the responsibility of maintaining an educational environment conducive to academic achievement and at the same time helping young people grow into mature and responsible adults. Though each individual ultimately must decide whether or not to use alcoholic beverages, the University has determined what practices will be permitted on campus (see Code of Student Conduct section 3.2.11).

Students should be aware that the legal drinking age in the State of Texas is 21 years of age. Texas Christian University will conform to the state law and also has further specific regulations to govern the use, sale, and possession of alcoholic beverages on the property of the University.

Students who choose to drink, either on or off the campus, are expected to handle alcohol responsibly and conform to the laws of this state. Violation of state law, city ordinance, or university regulations will be considered grounds for disciplinary action.

Common source alcohol containers such as kegs or beer bongs, and other paraphernalia used for alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on the campus.

In university housing, and fraternity and sorority chapter facilities, residents of legal age (21 years) and over may possess and consume alcoholic beverages in their rooms/apartments or in the rooms/apartments where all students are 21 years of age or older. If one resident is of legal drinking age and one is not, see Alcohol in Residence Halls #3. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in hallways, stairways, elevators, lobbies, lounges, chapter rooms, recreation areas, restrooms, and all other shared areas or community spaces located in university housing.

The consumption, purchase, or sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the campus except in specially designated areas authorized by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Furthermore, no person may provide any alcoholic beverage to any person less than 21 years of age. Students’ rooms/apartments may not be used as “open bars”, but may be used for private gatherings with no more than six guests, all of who must be at least 21 years of age.

Being intoxicated is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Any student whose behavior evidences drunkenness will be in violation of the TCU Alcohol Policy, and is subject to the sanctions of the TCU Alcohol Policy, regardless of age.

Containers designed for alcoholic beverages and empty containers will be treated as evidence of use. Containers designed for alcohol, empty or otherwise, may not be used for decorative purposes.